The Good ol' Days

If you are old enough, you remember riding your bike throughout a fairly safe neighborhood, without a care, and with maybe a buck in your back pocket to spend at the corner store on candy. These days, kids don't usually have the luxury of such freedom, the world constantly changes, and not often in the best of ways.

The Internet is now another byway for fun exploration, and unfortunately, even possible danger. Mommatown will one day be a family of sites that interconnect and form a pretty safe "village" for kids to peruse. These sites are now in development. The goal of these projects is to serve families in fun educational ways using the technologies of today, in a closed system where kids can peruse safely. From buy and sell forums geared to homeschool materials, community groups, on-line games, educational Android apps, and creative contests, we hope to provide an interconnected "town" of learn and play sites safe-as-we-can-make-it for your family to enjoy. We don't really want to go back to the Good O'l Days, we want to make a good future for kids to learn and grow in.

Under the surface we go: what our sites can do

Every good programmer knows that completely custom content makes for better security. Sure, we could create a blog on Wordpress or a page on Facebook (nothing wrong with that) - sure we could create a site using a Content Management System that exists "out there", or we could plop up a shop using Big Commerce or some other shopping cart system. But the problem with using some of these systems is that they were made by others and are often open source. In the past we have seen thousands of community blog sites get hacked in one shot, and because hackers have access to the inner codes of these systems, they will be hacked again in the future. By creating purely custom inner workings, there is some protection to be gained there. It's private, no one knows how it works but us, no one has access to the source code but us.

Not only can security be better with a custom site, but customization is also possible at any time in any way. Can you integrate your WordPress with your Shopping cart? Probably not, because they are separate systems made by different people - but we as custom systems developers, can make all of our sites work together, from shopping, to community related forums, to blogs, contests, or what have you, because we make it all from scratch.

We're excited about 2015 and 2016 and the upcoming roll out of several interactives in line with our Mommatown Family of sites which have been in planning for years now. We have the time and we have the know-how. Join us for the journey!

Deeper Still: ABOUT US

Mommatown, consists of a grand total team of four rocket-scientist-level-programmer-producer-designer-wizards (OK exaggerating a smidge, and one is actually a moose puppet) who have many passions for many things, among them: education, writing fiction, travel, racquetball, game play, game creation, anything science, 3D imaging, animation, teaching kids, and yadda yadda yadda so much more we're bored of reading it, and we are talking about ourselves here.

Here's the lowdown on a couple of us:
Sally's portfolio, and Gwen's portfolio.

On the docket for 2015: Weschool homeschool buy and sell forum (sort of a smarter Craigslist but rated G and for homeschoolers),
Android App #1 Mom Words Four (word game using 4 letters),
Android App #2 is a Wolf themed choose your own adventure game.

We hope that these developments and a few side projects we are currently doing for others, will help fund the Mommatown Project for 2015-2016.