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Angular JS
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Blender v. 2.43
Flash 8
FileZilla/Smart FTP
Goldwave Audio
Custom CMS
Virtual storefronts
Database structure
Dynamic sites
3D models

Continuing Education

Learning HTML5 and delving much deeper into JQuery. Creating a simple game from these specific languages so that I can show some examples of completed work and learn by developing, which is the best way to cement concepts into the mind.

Select Customers

My Mall System
A CMS system that generates corporate-specific gift websites. Employees log in and use a predetermined awarded cash or point balance to "purchase" Corporate Thank You gifts. The sites toggle a variety of site-specific variables such as allowing or disallowing the employee to purchase using a credit card more product than they had points awarded. Full back end site control. Orders are exported in one batch on the date the gift site closes.
Promo Stop
This site taps into the SAGE database and provides access to thousands of products on the fly. The site includes search, subscribe, ordering, order tracking, and allows shoppers to upload graphics and apply them to the ordered product. An admin back end allows newsletter generation and the ability to publish special product deals.
On Demand Promo
A full CMS primarily used by Office Depot to create Virtual Corporate Storefronts for major Office Depot corporate customers. The power of this comprehensive Content Management System includes generating the storefront itself, adding and maintaining all product and user data, setting each storefront's shipping calculation schemes and order payment methods, as well as providing Office Depot sales reps with multiple sales companion tools.
IPO Boutique
This pre-existing site faced many challenges, including the staff stumbling through updating each page via a cpanel manager, using only HTML. A new integrated database scheme, dynamic PHP pages and menus, and auto-changing Flash animation that updates itself with seasonal messages, turned this site around. A private back end administration module was also created to allow staff to input IPO data which then generated site content in a much more admin friendly way.
Healing Hearts Ministries International
Over 3000 PHP files create this database-driven site, which has a 3 level membership system: Counselees work through on-line material, Counselors walk them through it via on-site messaging, and headquarters admins oversee all site activity. Includes Walkathon, Customizeable E-Greeting-Cards, Annual Conference Registration and payment systems integrated.

Even More Fun Stuff

3D Modelling
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Game Fan Community Art
2D to 3D