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Donasity, Inc.
Donasity is a fundraising site similar to GoFundMe and caters to fundraising by the common user as well as to Non-Profit Organizations. With 1.2 million Non-Profits listed in their database, and charging half what gofundme charges for fundraising, they seek to seriously compete in this growing market. The site is completely custom. I am their Lead Developer and service and develop all content on the site.
On Demand Promo - a PPI Company Product
A full CMS primarily used by Office Depot to create Virtual Corporate Storefronts for major Office Depot corporate customers. The power of this comprehensive Content Management System includes generating the storefront itself, adding and maintaining all product and user data, setting each storefront's shipping calculation schemes and order payment methods, as well as providing Office Depot sales reps with multiple sales companion tools.
IPO Boutique
I was hired to help transform this site to be more centrally governed by one complete database and allow the IPO Boutique crew a better admin area for making changes to the site. They were mostly using a server hosted cpanel to change simple html pages, though none of them knew programming. I modified the entire site both visually and structurally, to be more dynamically driven and admin friendly.
Florida is a nationally-recognized leader in K-12 virtual education. Florida has the largest state virtual school in the nation and that school is FLVS. FLVS offers both full-time and part-time virtual options for Florida students for free, and also offers virtual solutions for students in other states for a fee. FLVS hired about a dozen developers, including myself, to help transfer all of their coursework into a new Content Management System (CMS) called Blackboard.
Don Leslie
Don is an award winning voice over actor who lives in Los Angeles California. He needed a site to provide information about his voiceover talents, both in television and audio books, and allow visitors to contact him. The beauty of this site is the animation and audio effects that were worked in. My goal for the site was visceral execution of theme. He loves the site.
Captain Tony's Pizza
A simple restaurant site for truly great pizza.
Vincent is a charming young actor who voices Phineas in the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb, and I was honored to create a new site for him.
S&S Custom
This is a dual purpose site split into two very distinct halves. It also was created with a custom CMS to allow the owner to update one half of the site.
Premier School Agendas
A school agenda is a day planner that many schools now require for their student body. This company is one of the largest printers of school agendas in the country. I was hired into their Art & Customer Materials Department and it was here that I learned how to program in the first dynamic language I would know: PHP.
Healing Hearts Ministries International
Over 3000 PHP files create this database driven site which has a 3 level membership system: Counselees work through on-line material, Counselors walk them through it via on-site messaging, and headquarters admins oversee all site activity. Includes Walkathon, Customizable E-Greeting-Cards, Annual Conference Registration and payment systems integrated.

Feedback over the years
Sally darling you rock!! You really are that good! Very cool site idea and execution ! I am so excited I don't know where to start to load it up. So much potential.. Can't believe the job you did with pictures !! Big Thanks to You !! Paul Prewitt, Videographer, Photographer
I've dealt with my share of programmers over the last 10 years and you are far and away the most talented and easy to work with... I know I am biased, but I love the site. Dave Goodwin
As we say over it the site looks the "bollocks" ...brilliant , fantastic. Owner/Researcher, IPO Global Research on its launch Oct 20 2011 (name withheld for privacy)
When I hired you from the multi hundred resumes I got---it was down to you and a guy from Manilla, Suffice to say---I made the right choice! You do very good work in a thoughtful manner! Excellent job! Scott Sweet - owner IPO Boutique
It has been such a great experience working with you... You are so observant and a quick learner, I wish we could clone you! Please feel free to use me as a future reference and I wish you continued success in the future. Robyn, Florida Virtual School
Thank you SO much for all of your hard work on the migration project. You were such a contribution and it has been a true pleasure! I don't know how we would have managed without you!Melody Florida Virtual School
You ar a superstar! Just wanted to say that you rock! You are so thorough, ask insightful questions, and really care about doing a great job! You are fabulous at what you do and I am so honored to be working with you! I had to share with you today :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Nancy Florida Virtual School
You have a happy customer; an extremely happy customer! Done Leslie
Sally, it looks fantastic! I will get payment off to you immediately. Would you prefer I mail a check? ... just let me know. Thanks again!!! Ingrid - Ingrid's Essentials
Thanks Sally ~ all the new 'stuff' is wonderful and we are ever so thankful!! love ya, Judy Hansen, Head of Counselor Training
*Laughing* My nickname for ya is catching on and I didn't even tell anyone! GO SUPER SALLY!!! Lue Feathers, International E-Ministry Coordinator
You amaze me, I email you and you are right there! Annamaria C., Counselor
Overall I think it looks very nice, you certainly possess a great talent. Chuck
You have done an outstanding job Sally. You are very talented. Sincerely, Eric
I can't tell you how happy I am with your work! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Stacie Chappell
(after two weeks of social media management) ..To date I have 19 new clients and 22 consultations and inquiries... I'm sending you somewhere sunny some day.. Thank you soo much! J Carr, Loc'd Up Salon

Creatives - Original Web Design

  • 1001 Question to Ask... Book and Counseling siteOne of the fun aspects of web design, is taking the requirements and desires of the owner of the site and figuring out how to present the information in an elegant way.
  • 1001 Question to Ask...
  • 1001 Question to Ask...
  • 1001 Question to Ask...
  • Deep South DiversThe layout of this site changed based on the resolution settings of the visitor. The site would display a full wide width view to those on high res computers, or a slimmer view for anything set on a smaller resolution. The background image changed to a random underwater scene every time you came to the site or clicked on a link.
  • Deep South Divers
  • Wide view
  • Deep South Divers
  • Pixsit
  • San LorenzoThis site had a back end admin so that the owner could allow the visitor to choose English or Italian and see custom-translated text.
  • San Lorenzo
  • Hot Cuba Travel
  • OD Promo Sales ToolThis was a special Sales Tool Project creator where sales people could log in, sitting with the end customer, and upload documentation, choose products, and set sales margins for OD Promo, the project detailed above.
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD Promo Sales Tool
  • OD PromoAssigning Project Color
  • Seabreeze Island Grill
  • SiteBeSeen
  • SiteBeSeen

Creatives - Photoshop Requests from Reddit


Cinemagraph: an animated gif that freezes all parts of the photo, allows animation in one area, and loops endlessly.

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